Boiler constantly on

On Wed I had no heat and called British gas out. I was in work but hubby is working from home. Heating is working again now however my hallway radiator is now constantly on. It's linked to the main thermostat so is one that will always come on if heat is called for any where else in the house. However this radiator is now on constantly. The app is showing that its not calling for heat. It was working perfectly before! Help
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  • Intersting. I have noticed on several occasions in the middle of the night that my heating is on, especially when a TRV randomly drops off line for no reason. Whether this is related I don't know as its not always the case.

    I'm running the test software and although I have turned the system off I have noticed a couple of times now that even though it says off on the icons the system is actually calling for heat by looking under care & protect. The icon for the living room currently says Off until you cancel and yet the boiler is running and it shows it is calling for heat. Changed the temperature back to 10 degrees and although its warm in there its still calling for heat so clearly the off function doesn't work as expected.

    Concerns me as I have to get in the loft to manually operate the boiler control as I'm in a bungalow and not accessible as I am disabled.

    It seems my heating is running when I see it says it is off and when i sect it to be off.

    Anyone else experienced this?