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  • GrayDav4276
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    What is this about..... Looks suspicious.
    I have reported this post.
  • Possible problem poster
  • Rob2
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    Please do not create new topic (2 even) for such things!

  • Hi @Rob2,
    Are you complaining about me raising this post as "suspicious/inappropriate" ?? 🤔
    Or are you complaining about the original posts ?? 🤔
  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    I am complaining about your behavior as a wannabe forum operator.

    And specifically about the way you do it: by opening new topics, that will appear in everyone's new topic list, where you complain about things you see in other topics.

    When you really want to do that you can remain in the same topic where you see the inappropriate post. But better would be to report it to the operator instead of using the forum as a channel for that.

  • GrayDav4276
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    Hi @Rob2,
    I did not "start" this topic, as you have stated......I actually did use the "flag" for this post. How it was then "entered" in the forum was nothing to do with me. appears that you aren't happy with what I have done, what can I say.......was I wrong to "flag" a post that I thought was inappropriate, which appeared to me to be possibly a sales pitch.
    I was not trying to exert any pressure on the other forum membets.
    And I can state that I will always "flag" any posts that I think may have a hidden agenda. And I will use the correct forum format (flag) to do so.
    @Rob2..... if you tap on the "view post" in the above post..... This will take you to the "original post"....if you then care to check his post you will see that there is a "flag" raised......that was my flag......which then seems to have generated the current thread........which I did not "start"
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