TRV active when system off (Frost Protection)

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I’ve recently installed Tado and have TRV’s, two in one bedroom and one in another bedroom. The weather’s warm so everything is switched off (frost protection).

The other night, about 03:30 all three TRV’s performed a couple of rotations which woke us all.

What would cause this?

I thought maybe it was a temporary loss of connectivity but I tried switching off the Internet Bridge and the house Internet but this failed to cause the TRV’s to activate.

Firmware update maybe?


  • cbd20
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    @Markflow the radiator thermostats will recalibrate themselves after a firmware update. I know they've recently received a new update, mine updated to 90.1 just the other day, so it seems likely that's all it was.

    That being said, I was under the impression that tado forced updates during the day to avoid noise in the night, but can't remember if that was an opinion I read somewhere or if it was direct from a tado employee on this forum...
  • Thanks for your feedback. Maybe Tado should allow users to decide when to apply updates (like Hue)?