Add back the "heating level" indicator in V3+ app

The indicator which displays the heating level (1, 2 or 3) has been removed from the V3+ app, this is a step backwards as this is a very useful indicator to show the status of the current system. Please add this indicator back.

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  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭

    I'm missing this as well - please bring this back.

  • Agree with this too. Useful to know how hard the radiator is working in the rooms without going in there and having to touch the rads. Thanks
  • In new release of tado app V3 is missing the symbol of letting me know for heating demand indications. It is only visible in the temperature chart if I press the actual information on the chart. I would appreciate to have this heating up info in the main window of the app/home directly on each of the thermostat zone.
  • Can someone confirm if this is still missing from the V3+ app? I've held off updating, waiting for it to be added.

  • @jcwacky i asked this question on Twitter a few days ago, reply was they can’t say when and what shape the level indicator will return.
    Totally agree that it’s a backward step and this is stopping me upgrading to v3+.
  • Yes bring this feature back to show demand requested to boiler .
  • +1 here... Surely this is a basic function...

  • jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭

    Tado's recent comments about this on Twitter from 24th September:

    We had hoped to have it included at launch, but there were issues which we haven't been able to resolve yet. As such, we can't even give you a ball-park figure for implementation.

     it's currently been mothballed until the issue that's blocking it has been resolved.

  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭

    That's disappointing; would be nice to explain this in a bit more detail; moreover, what's the point of having this forum if tado aren't keeping us updated?

  • That’s the one thing preventing me upgrading to the v3+ app
    With winter about to start and tado about to be turned back on after a summer break these are key indicators I value in using the app
  • Another vote for the return of the wavy lines.

  • I wrote and queried what the different shades of grey implied on the graph chart and got an answer referring me to what is missing! so their internal help sheets are out of sync. So as I see it if you check on the page showing last 24 hours heating then you will see up to 4 levels of grey background one being basic heat level and the other three I think showing the degree of heat applied which would fit with the three wavy lines??

  • jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭
    @Roger That’s correct. If you tap and hold on the graph it will show you the heating level indicator for that moment in time.
  • Yes that's what I wish. It is the same thread.
  • Any update on this? Must be trivial to implement... there definitely needs to be more information on the home screen tiles to not need to tap into them to see basic information like this.
  • On the home page of the app, could each tile have a heat / radiator symbol when heat is being called? I.e. next to the temperature, rather than just "heating to" or "set to" could it be more obvious.

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