Wired Thermostat and Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 35 / New Build and some questions

Hi Everyone,

During Amazons Black Friday deals I purchased a wired thermostat starter kit, a long with a set of TRV's but have some thoughts on installation.

The set up in the new home I am moving into is that we have an Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 35 boiler which is linked via relay to an ESI Thermostat/programmer in the hallway. I had initially purchased the stat thinking that I could simply swap and gain the benefits of having an opentherm heating system but after having spent along time reading I don't think this is possible.

My current proposal of work is;

  1. To replace existing thermostat to get the benefits of Tado integrating with TRV's around the home. Connected only via relay it will command on or off at the boiler but I think I could mitigate this by setting a lower central heating flow temp of 45 degrees. The Tado app learns how quickly the house heats up with this and adjusts turning the boiler on to compensate. TRV's then close off appropriate radiators to regulate temp in individual rooms.
  2. (in the future) Install the wireless receiver directly into the open therm terminals and disconnect the relay connection on the wired stat so it then receive its instructions from the wireless receiver. This would then give me the desired opentherm ability or do i need a wireless thermostat?

Is my thinking right here? I find a lot of terms seem to be interchanged between hardware pieces when in fact they're almost the same piece of kit so if anyone can validate my thinking or if I'm wrong point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.




  • I’m having the same issue.. and cannot get the taxi thermostat to control the central heating.. any suggestions?