Can I use the wired Smart Thermostat with my combi boiler?

I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i combi, currently operated by the Greenstar Comfort II wireless controller. I would like to replace this with a Tado setup - however, I am unsure exactly what equipment I need.

My current thermostat is wireless, so this would suggest I need the Tado wireless Smart Thermostat. However, as the boiler is a combi I have no use for the hot water control functionality. Also, I intend to use smart TRVs on all my radiators to control the heating. As such I do not need the Smart Thermostat to do any temperature sensing. Does this mean I could use the wired Smart Thermostat and leave it in the boiler cupboard? From what I can tell, all I really need it for is to connect the TRVs to the internet bridge and the app will do the rest.

All help gratefully received.

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  • So the wired Smart Thermostat cannot connect to the combi itself?
  • Hello @JonBurnage

    please could you post as to what you eventually used to connect to the combi? Wired thermostat or extension.

  • I have 7 Tado TRVs and a Tado Smart Wired Thermostat connected to and controlling my Vaillant Ecotec 831 Plus boiler.

    The smart wired thermostat can control the boiler via simple mains relay switching or via e-Bus. I've used both (not at the same time, it's one or the other). Hot water temperature can be adjusted by the Tado app if e-Bus connection is used. This tile vanishes with mains relay connection.

    If you wish you can add a Wireless Temperature sensor elsewhere in the property to override the thermostatic sensor in the wired thermostat. You can add this post install, as that's what I've done. Or, that's what I did. I've since decoupled that override so that the wireless sensor acts on behalf of the room it's in and my wired thermostat (in the hall) continues to have a say in the matter.