Success with linking electric underfloor heating?

Has anyone had any success with linking electric underfloor heating with Tado?

In general Tado does not seem to support connectivity with electric underfloor heating, but does point to Is tado° compatible with electric heating systems? which in turn points to Manual for Professional Installers, implying that it is at least possible (as a non- electrical/heating professional, these guides don't tell me much).

I have a ProgramaSTAT TPT44 controlling electric underfloor heating in two rooms (switch capability: 16A resistive, 3A inductive), and would like to link this into the Tado home system. The underfloor heating controllers are not easy/practical to adjust on the fly, and it generally we're wasting energy when no one is at home without Tado's one-touch 'home' and 'away' modes (or geofencing).

Having a 'hybrid' smart Tado and manual underfloor heating setup is not ideal, and greatly diminishes Tado's value for me :(

I would love to hear if anyone has been able to successfully integrate electric underfloor heating (of any manufacturer), and how you achieved it!


My specific underfloor heating controller FWIW


  • Does Tado sell a low voltage thermostat that could be used to switch a suitable 240v relay?
    This thermostat could then be integrated with the other devices that Tado controls.