Boost heating

Hi, how can I set the "boost heating" to come on for a specified period of time in the app, let's say for 20 minutes, rather than having to turn it off manually in the app.

Thanks in advance


  • The only way I've found to do this is via IFTTT. This lets you choose the temperature and the duration of the boost. Seems an obvious feature that's missing from the main app.

  • Hi @Danini
    Tado has been asked by many users to make the "Boost Heating" feature user configurable......but I'm not sure if they are "listening" to us.......However to achieve what you want to achieve, I have set up a "routine" in my Alexa App....I have selected the Tado Rooms that I want to be actioned by an Alexa voice command. In the Alexa Routine I can set the temperature for my Tado achieve the required timescale, I have set the "Manual Operation" time within the Tado App......Tado "sees" an action by Alexa/Siri etc as a "Manual" adjustment (same as making an adjustment on the Tado device).
    Please don't hold your breath waiting for a reaction from Tado on this, if you have a home automation system (Alexa etc) just set up what you need/want.