Control Fan speed with Tado AC?

Hi All

I am considering replacing my existing Sensibo units with Tado AC units instead. I have Tado TRV and temperature sensors in every room anyway so one less app on my phone seems like a good idea.

One review I read said that Tado just turns on the AC at full blast and then turns it off when the temperature is reached. Is that correct? That doesn't seem like the AC will be running very efficiently when operated like that. It also seems that I would not be able to use the quiet fan mode for example which is what I use in the bedroom.

Could someone give me some more info on how the AC control works?



  • Frustratingly, Tado doesn't currently support Quiet fan mode for me and the Mitsubishi AC units I have. It does allow you to change fan speed though, so you can have set at 1,2 or 3 for example.