What does Auto Assist offer me?

There is an option in the app to pay for something called "auto assist".

What does that offer me? The accompanying text is rather vague...


  • That doesn't really answer my question.

    For example: how is "your home will be preheated automatically before your arrival." supposed to actually work?

    Tado doesn't know when I will be home till the moment that I am actually home...

  • It helps you part with some hard earned money for stuff that is the heart of a "smart" system. Like switching your heating to home or away mode as you go out/come back to your house.
    If you don't order this, all the devices you spent hundreds of pounds on are no better than a mechanical thermostat from 20 years ago.
  • Tado actually does know how far are you from your home (if you have geofencing active). So I guess it assumes as you get near( let say within a mile) that you are heading home and starts the heating for you. It does not work if you decide to go to a friend who leaves within short distance, but then you change those settings in the app
  • So basically I should give up on Tado and buy for example Netatmo?

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