When will a range extender be available?

With a large house the range extender is essential - any ideas on when this will be available?


  • I also need this facility. I have one room that can not connect at all times

  • I also need this facility
  • +1 - It's not just a large house issue, it's a thick Victorian wall issue :)

  • Same here, I have several bedrooms that cannot be reached reliably or at all.
  • Hi all
    If you read some of the older posts on this subject, I think you will see that Tado have done all that they think is possible with the current version of the Tado hardware (devices).
    So I don't think that there is any possibility of Tado achieving this level of customer service. At least not until Tado release a new version of their devices. So please don't hold your breath for this......
  • Have you read up on "Thread" its a connection protocol similar to zigbee. Its the new and up comming way to connect IOT devices. Although I dont see Tado as a member of the focus group. Each device that has Thread can connect to other devices running Thread. They dont have to be the same manufacturer. It creates a mesh network and extends ranges beyond the one hop current limit. Its the way smart devices for automation are going.

  • Hi@Don___

    I can't see Tado "giving up control" of their devices/system........Tado seems to prefer their customers to be completely reliant on Tado.......and I'm sure that "integration" with other Smart Home systems is something that Tado will not consider as a good idea.

  • Hey,

    Can i ask if the general feelings here is that this is a range issue from the Tado wireless box or the wifi network range in the house?

    i think i have lead lined walls and its taken 2 different mesh systems and a few routers to solve it (an expensive Netgear Orbi router with ethernet backhaul to a satalite was the eventual winner). so i now have good connectivty around the house. so does this mean that a distant rad smart thermostat stands a better chance of connectivty via the wifi network or is it trying to get through 2 floors and lead walls itself to connect?

    i guess another way of asking this is: do any of you who have tado issues with errant rads also have wifi issues in that room or are these different things?

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    Tado devices do not operate on WiFi it's an RF frequency connection.
  • As GrayDav4276 says, the Tado operates on RF, to be precise "The Tado° devices communicate via radio at 868 MHz using the IPv6 enabled “6LoWPAN” protocol"

    There are range extenders easily available to extend the "6LoWPAN" protocol, one of these being the Z-Wave.

    How it would interact with the Tado I couldn't say, not having one handy I am unable to test. But if it works then definitely worth the £39.00 investment.

    Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Range Extender 6 - UK Socket — Vesternet

    Its not as if Tado are using a proprietary comms link, so should be easy enough for them to come up with something as simple as the Z-Wave.

    I only put this as "Food for Thought", maybe someone will take the hit and give it a go.

  • Just bought my Tado, and am very disappointed about the range issue. Its a medium size three bedroom house, and I have moved the bridge upstairs, mounted it vertically etc. I can't see one TRV at all, and one has always been intermittent. This really needs a mesh network.
  • Can Tado comment??

    Does anyone know if there is an alternative manufacturer with better range?

  • @cmanku

    You could look at Drayton Wiser.