Bosch Worcester GreenStar 8000 Life EMS/OT control

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Im getting a new combi boiler installed, its a Bosch 8000 Life. I'm currently a nest user (3 zones) but im thinking about moving over to Tado for more granular by room control.

Ive read conflicting things about both Nest and Tado being able to make use of Modulation on this boiler brand.

What I'd idelly like is for 3 thermostats and a number of TRVs to call heat via modulation on a per room basis.

Is this possible with TADO and this boiler?

Does anyone know?


  • Hi. Was just wondering if you had any luck with this? I had an installer fit this boiler today but he’s wired it incorrectly and the extension kit has no power
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    From what I have personally found.......the majority of CH Installers/engineers know absolutely nothing about the Tado systems. The only engineer I've had in the last 2 years who knew anything about Tado was a Viessmann engineer.
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    At the moment, tado° works with the Bosch 8000 Life boiler via relay connection only. However, we keep working to develop our compatibility range for more interfaces.

  • I am installing a new system from scratch using a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life combi boiler. I want 3 zones, one for each floor with controllable zone valves plus tado valves in some rooms.

    What tado equipment do I need?

  • I've had a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 life regular boiler installed and would like to use Tado with it on EMS to support modulation etc, is there an ETA on when will Tado support the EMS protocol it uses?