CH, under floor heating and HW


I need some advice on the best setup for my new Tado system, which I’m going to install later this week. My current system has three components, the main central heating (CH) all on standard radiator, Under floor heating (water) in the extension and hot water.

From reading other posts I think I understand that Tado can only control two zones, so my idea would be to join the central heating and under floor heating in the extension kit wiring and then place smart radiator valves on all the radiators hence effectively creating multi zone control. Has anyone else do this? The next question is that as a few of the rooms at the front of the house get colder than the rest I need to trigger the boiler from these rooms. The current wired thermostat is in the main hallway, which I will be replacing with a wireless one, so one option is to simply place the thermostat in one of the front rooms, but I would rather leave it where it is. So the question is, can the smart radiator valves trigger the boiler ( I have seen post saying you can get support to change which thermostats trigger the heating, but I’m not sure if this includes the smart radiator valves?) if the radiator valves can’t trigger the boiler, what do I need to put in the front rooms, additional wireless thermostats or wireless temperature sensors?


  • AngusL
    edited October 2021
    Hi I have found your post because I am looking to use the original thermostat to control my existing Wet UFH.
    But my comment is that if I understand you correctly you are asking if the Tado trvs can initiate the boiler to pump. If this is the case then yes. I have 3 bedrooms on different zones, the living room with 2 radiators on another zone and the hall on another zone. All with independent timing and control. I no longer use the original thermostat and it has been in a cupboard for about 2 years with no batteries.
    Hope this helps