Understanding Thermostatic Valves

Hi, I'm considering the thermostatic valves to add to my existing tado smart thermostat set up. I understand that I can use these to avoid heating rooms I'm not using.

What exactly do the valves consist of? Do I just remove the head (I believe this is the top bit where you would traditionally change the temperature) or is it the full body?

My guess is that if it's just the head, it mates with the plunger in the valve body and controls things from there but would be grateful of some guidance.

I'm trying to work out how easy a job it is to fit myself. I'm reasonably handy, but I don't fancy going as far as draining a system.


  • eezytiger
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    @ste_c The Tado SRT is just the head that sits on top of the plunger pin. If you have a TRV already fitted then, hopefully, it is simply a case of unscrewing the old head and fitting the Tado to replace it. Maybe you will need to use adapters (supplied) or maybe not.

    I replaced 33 year old Honeywell TRVs with Tado SRTs and it was a straight swap for me. Very easy indeed.

    If you don't already have TRVs you might need to plumb in the valve bodies, bought separately, before you can fit Tado.

    Demo : https://youtu.be/HP0mHRqaaN4

  • Thanks @eezytiger - I’ve done it. As you say, very easy. Hooked on it now. Will keep an eye on the effect on my usage.

    Thanks for video link too.