Indoor air quality - Heat Recovery & ventilation system

Hi i have a HRV system installed that will change the air in our home approx 3x a day and recover the heat from exhausted air.

How does Tado calculate interior air quality?

Will it factor this as part of its interior air quality as i do not need to open windows?

Should i worry that my HRV system might not be performing if tado shows poor quality?


  • Hello Krissovo,

    These systems are not considered in the current functioning of the feature. The interior air quality indicators that you'll see will be based on the open windows activity.



  • Similar to Krissovo, I have a PIV system that pumps filtered fresh air into the house, and it is kinda annoying that the the app says the air is stale. Because of my wife's hayfever and allergies stop us opening the windows.

    I raised a request for tado to create a device like the that would give an accurate measure of air quality. I would also like to see Natural Gas detection too (we had a slow gas leak for about a month! and now have

    Please 😊