Heating still on

Heating was still on last night and got extremely warm in the house. It should of switch off at 21. It finally switch off at 22.2
Why? I have noticed that this is a common issue, is there a fix.


  • I have same issue. Is there a way to tell on the app if the heating is still on once it’s passed the radiator setting? At the moment I’m just watching the heat in the room keeping on rising upto 2degrees above setting.
  • I have the same problem. Heating is set to 20. But the room temp is 21.5 and still orange/yellow in colour rather than green.
  • Hi @Sherlock
    You've got the wrong idea behind the tile colours......

    Shades of green: room is set to a saving temperature (below 19°).
    Shades of yellow/orange: room is set to a higher temperature.
    Grey: room set to OFF/Frost protection.

    (answer taken from an @GrilledCheese2 post reply) 👍
  • Sounds like you need to configure the Temperature offset so that TADO is showing the real temperature of a room.

    Put a thermometer in the room that is still calling for heat, once measured compare the real temp with that TADO thinks it is and make an offset under Settings - rooms and devices. click on the room as opposed to a thermostat and you will see the option 'temperature offset'