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replacing optima d4 valve

replacing optima d4 valve required fitting

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  • replacing optima d4 valve required fitting

  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    It is not really clear for me where you are referring to.

    I assume you want to know what valve you need for a replacement of an on/off valve on a radiator?

    The Smart Radiator Thermostats are only compatible with thermostatic valves. The compatible measurements are: M30x1,5

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  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry about not being clear on what I meant.

    My current rad valve is an Optima D4, I have purchased a tado smart radiator starter kit but I am having some problem replacing my existing valve with the tado. Basically I need to know what adapter I should use? does this make any sense!!



  • Its sorted ok


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