Does tado valve have multiple setpoints or only full open or full close?

Last night i noticed that increasing the temperature of only few degrees made the boiler run (even 2 waves) but the radiator stayed cold. Then I dismantled the valve from the radiator and noticed that only setting the temp considerably higher made the valve open.
So i am wondering if the valve can open gradually or has only 2 states (open or closed)


  • @Ale500 Judging from the duration of motor sounds I hear from my valves I think the operation is more than simply on/off. Sometimes the sound is extended, as though operating through the full range of motion. Other times it is brief, like only a small adjustment being made. I have no idea how many intermediate positions there might be, possibly just one, but maybe more.

    You might want to check that your valve pin below the Tado is not sticking and also recalibrate the Tado valve head by disconnecting the batteries for a few seconds and then refitting. Tado will then go through the calibration process to make sure it has the fully closed position correct.

  • Thanks, I also think it has multiple intermediate positions, but then i don’t understand why small adjustments in the desidered temp enables the boiler but not the valve.
    What do you mean with check the valve pin below the tado is not sticking?the black pin in the tado device or the pin in the idraulic valve?
  • I mean the pin in the valve itself, not the Tado motorised actuator. Press it a few times to make sure it moves freely in and out. You might need to use a tool of some kind to press upon it as they can be firmly sprung. But they can also stick if not used for many months, such as over summer.

    I don't think it's a likely fault, but worth checking anyway. Look on YouTube if you want to see examples.
  • It has only 3 setpoints, according to the ///, thats why the Radiator is overheating and does not find a constant temp :(
  • Overheating is not a big deal if to reach the desired temp it opens more than necessary and then it closes properly until the temp goes lower than the set one.
    I don’t understand why it would enable the boiler but not the valve…
  • @Oliviero are u saying that the /// waves correspond also at the setpoint of the valve? But why implement a delay between turning on the boiler and open the valve?
  • I'm sorry, I'm so dissatisfied with my system that I'm taking it down and giving it away. I don't want to have anything more to do with tado. This is too much tinkering for me for all the money

  • I noticed i have the same issue with my "smart" radiator valves. They request a small amount, so the boiler starts to heat up, but then the valve stay closed. I don't get it, sorry.

    Only when i manual increase the requested temperature on the Tado with lets say 1 degree, he will open.

    Has somebody a tip? Except for changing the boiler not to react on requests below 40 degrees. As i have done that already. Otherwise the boiler is on for ~12 hours a day with these colder outside temperatures.

  • @MaS i have indeed 12 hours of boiler activity per day. How did you set the boiler to not activate on request below 40?
  • i have a Intergas Kombi Kompakt HRE. Its a setting in the parameters E. (dot) and E.

    If you have a different brand then i dont know how to achieve that.