Advice needed, please: should I buy a refurbished Tado?

I have looked closely at the Nest Learning 3 and Hive V3 thermostats for my two-bedroom large flat with a Vaillant Ecotec 824 Plus gas combi boiler. To buy a Nest or Hive and have professionally installed would cost around £250.

However it's possible to buy a Tado refurbished Wired Smart thermostat starter kit for £99.99. Installation looks straightforward, which I should be able to do myself.

I have agonised over the three thermostat choices but believe the Tado to be good value and keeps me in the Apple Home Kit eco system. It also gives me the option to buy the smart radiator thermostat valves.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.



  • rafm5
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    Look at Amazon, prices for brand new units are usually cheaper than refurbished devices purchased directly from tado° ;-)

  • Thanks. I've just checked. £160! I think I'm better off with refurbished currently... Cheers.

  • check again during boxing day. I got it quite cheap during black friday.

  • I have bought several refurbished TRVs and am very pleased with them. Good as new and at the best prices I could find . . .

  • AdrianHoll
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    Thanks Hugbilly. My existing thermostat wall wiring (three wires: red, yellow & green plus black) is intact. Is it simply connecting these three wires to the Tado (wired) smart thermostat? I know there's an online installation assistant to help plus bridge to router. It seems too simple to be true! To be clear, I have an existing Combi Vaillant Ecotec 824 Plus boiler.



  • Tado thermostat is only two wire - Live and either Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC). If you get the model of your current thermostat and advise Tado, they will provide a customised installation guide for your set up depending on the current type.

  • Definitely a yes. I bought a refurbished tado and warranty is same as for new one. Never had issues with them. Also they look as new and cannot distinguish from new. I bought them on Tado webshop.
  • Thank you for the replies. The Tado thermostat is now installed and the 'reconditioned' model is 'as new'. No difference I can tell. I am delighted with it so far though it seems a bit slow to respond to iPhone setting temperature inputs to change. Perhaps there's an 'eco' mode I haven't discovered yet.

  • I bought some refurbished and they have been great. I can’t tell them from the new ones I also bought.