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Tado is a problem when you are an AirBnb host.


I love my Tado's, but as an AIrBnb host, they can give problems.

Guests turn the whole Tado and not only the top. Then the Tado is lose and can not control the heat.

I have even marked the top with black tape, and written on the top " Turn top only", but still have problems.

I have made a hardware hack that works for me, see link to pictures:


It would be nice if Tado would implement this in future products.

It is just a 3mm hole with a thread, and a small hole in the base.

Then it is up to the user to secure the Tado, to prevent it gets loose by accident.

All the best


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  • omg, that's a great idea,

    2 of my tops got unscrewed last winter, and i will do it tomorrow on all of my thermostats.

    thanks mate

  • Great idea to stop the trvs been removed intentionally or by accident.

  • I have this also as problem in my airbnb.

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