Maximum opening percent and time on radiator thermostate



  • Fully agree, a functionality which will be perfect.

    if not implemented, I will have to ask a Plummer to come and implement a physical ‘max’ valve, as I will end up paying a lot in ‘penalty’ for returning water being to hot.

  • Grobsnelf
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    Hi @Jurian
    Are there any news about this idea?
    Do you know if they are going to develop it.
  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    @Grobsnelf Unfortunately no updates yet.

  • @Jurian

    Any updates. Winter is comming:-)

    Just a simple multiplier will solve the main problem. TADO system doing all the normal calculations, and then multiply with a user defined number, like 0.5.

  • pBendsen
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    Hi Tado,

    This feature will really help me (and many others as I can read).

    I have community heating and I just got a penalty for sending water that is too hot back into the system.

    What I experience is that my heating system gets into an undesirable rhythm due to the delay from heating starts to the room is warm. And the temperature continues to rise long after the desired temperature is reached. I also now know that my floors and radiators are sending hot water out of the system.

    A solution were there is a configurable max heating time will be a very efficient solution for me as it is fairly easy to measure how long time each radiator or floor takes to fill with hot water.

  • Hi Jurian,

    Any updates? Will this be a possibility in the future?

  • Hi @Jurian 

    Are there any new updates about this?

    Just at simple maximum opening percent would be great.

  • This little update would be fantastic and make a great difference..
    Pleeese Tado, do it.. 🙂
  • I would like this. I have issue with my daughter waking in the morning when radiator starts, because material in radiator expands due to too much heat too fast, and making noises.

  • Rob
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    edited November 2021

    Update from our side:

    We are reworking the firmware of the radiator thermostats. It will basically result in the valves opening less far in most cases. Especially during a heat request of less than 100%. In our lab tests it has shown this reduces battery usage (a little bit), it reduces the flow of water but it does not significantly reduce the heatup gradient. The heatup gradient basically being the amount of degrees the temperature in a room increases per hour period during maximum heating. The point is that in many cases you don't ask for maximum heating, so the valve should only be partially opened. A room with a radiator thermostat asking for, for example, 30% heat capacity today will typically open its valve further than it will when asking for 30% heat capacity after the update.

    I personally expect an automatic update of the firmware still in 2021, but don't quote me on this.

    I realize this is not exactly what you are asking for in this form thread, but it does address the issue somewhat. Giving app users the opportunity to change these settings in the app requires a lot of development time. Not just for the app itself, but for the firmware on the devices as well.

  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your feedback:-)

    I agree it will have a positive effect on the problem discussed here. When ready, I will check if is solves my my usecase.

  • The photo shows a cheap 10€ radiator valve.

    I know I'll most probably be ignored but please make this configurable rather than enable it for everyone. Put this under smart schedule, under a "Smart water flow" checkbox under the SRT settings, an API-only option or for that matter even a "talk to support if you want to keep the old behavior, only they can change this setting". But please, this is a smart radiator valve that normally costs well upwards of 50€. Don't make it dumber than a 10€ one.

  • The feature of setting a maximum open percentage of valves for me is essential to make Tado control my floor heating. The current (dumb) valve is never opened more than 20%, for this provides enough warmth + opening it more than that could purportedly risk damage to the floor.

    Thanks for considering a hard limit (in %) in valves.

  • Indeed. I also have an issue with floor heating where tado opens up fully for hours at a time because floor heating takes longer.

    Setting a limit to how much it opens at max would be helpful. Floor heating really doesn't need to do more than 10/20%, but should then keep that on continous.

    Much easier to do on a "dumb" valve, which I think is quite unfortunate.

  • Hi @Rob

    The problem is biggest, when I raise the temperature more than one degree. For example from 19 to 22 in the morning. Here we are not talking a small demand for heating. Will it open less in this situation?

    I still think a maximum opening percentage is the right solution. Not just in my case with community heating, but also for customers with floor heating.

    It could also reduce the noise problem.

    Will you please reconsider your decision. A lot of customers could benefit off this, if you made it.

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin


    To make my role more clear; I summarize, clarify and quantify user wishes to (product) management, and the other way around. Not just from this forum, but also from other sources of customer feedback. The final decisions are made by management.

    The issue you guys are facing is understood. I will make sure it is understood among product management as well. As with other topics in this forum, I cannot make any promises about implementation though.

  • Hi Tado,

    Just decided NOT to renew my "auto-assist" plan for TADO.

    As major changes to room temperature will result in penalty to the heating provider, I have not need for auto assist.

    If I get "max opening percentage" on the thermostats, then it might be relevant again.

  • @Rob

    I fully understand.

    I just wanted to make clear, that this issue is not solved and affects many users.

    If you make this change, more customers can use the product.

    On the danish Facebook group regarding Tado, cooling and noise issues is discussed regularly.

  • I just want to put my vote here as well.

    When tado heats on just 1 or 2 on my small radiators, the radiator gets very hot throughout. I can feel on the bottom of the radiator it is returning very hot water.

    There really should be an option to set the max you wnat tado to open the radiator.

  • Did anyone find a solution for this? because if not i can maybe help.

    I working on a adjustable "pin" to use with my Return Valve adapters.

    That means that you will be able to manually adjust with a small screw, how much the Valve will open, and that way reduce the flow in the radiator / Underfloor heating.

  • @Rob , has the update, you described, been implemented?

  • Hi tado-friends,

    here in Germany we are serching and asking for the same future ... but we didn´t get a feedback.

    I hope with the requests from the international forum there is more movement at tado and the desired functions are implemented.

    Did anyone know - does Netatmo have this functions?

    KR from Germany

  • Hi @MaWu
    If you know some other users, that need this, can you then ask them to wote for it here, please.
  • Given Tado's current track record, we'd have a full-up and running colony on planet Mars before they release this firmware update.

  • It would be nice during the installation, if the user was asked what kind of heating systems the user has.

    If it is an external heating provider with a penalty for hot return water (as most people have here in Copenhagen Denmark) the tado will set the thermostats to heat fx. 15% all the time. If the target temperature is not reached, it will set it to heat 20% all the time (and so on), to ensure the return water is properly used and cooled.

    It should be fairly easy to program it to adapt to the outside temperature. If the temperature outside drops from 0 degree C to -5 degree C it will raise the max opening percentage accordingly.

    As it is now, I will have to return my tado system. It is more expensive than my former dumb thermostats.

  • Piphat, I love the idea…👍🏼👏🏻

  • Hi Tado
    Are there any news about this matter?
  • I would also like an update on this. Winter is right around the corner, and as it stands I’m looking at a 12% penalty on top of my district heating bill due to the inability to limit water flow through the radiator thermostats.

    This effectively eats up any savings I would’ve benefitted from by using tado instead of my old (much) cheaper “dumb” thermostats.