Tado integration to ioBroker SmartHome solution realised

Hi Community,

I am a developer of integrations to the ioBroker SmartHome Solution (https://www.iobroker.net).

During the past weeks we build our first beta of integration tot he TadoApi which makes fit possible to see and partially control (what the API supports) Tado devices with ioBroker.

The German forum thread can be found here, there the beta testing is executed : https://forum.iobroker.net/topic/25723/aufruf-neuer-adaper-tado/126

The adapter itself can be installed by using the latest repository or the direct GitHub link :

I think its very good and important that one of the best heating solutions finally gets its native integration to one of the best SmartHome systems.

So if there are any people here using iobroker, please feel free to test and provide feedback. If there are any questions I am happy to answer them here, on GitHub of the ioBroker forum.

Have fun and happy heating cold days are coming :)



  • Is it possible to put your self on 'home' or 'away' mode?

  • AFAIK the API doesnt let you. You can see the status, but its read only. At least in openhab, but I assume its due to the API.

  • @Vertigo correct statement

    The API is only showing "read" information, so you ca see that in ioBroker. Its not possible to control this status.