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Tado Smart AC location

Hi there,

I renovating my flat now and planning to install AC, as well as a Tado Smart AC device. Unfortunately, due to the layout of the flat, I won't be able to place it directly in front of the AC unit. The AC unit I'm planning to get is a Gree Lomo Luxury, which has the IR receiver on the front side. Has anyone tried hanging the Tado Smart AC above the AC unit? Will it be able to send commands to the AC unit? Please do not tell me to test it, as I do not have yet neither the AC unit, nor the Tado Smart AC...

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Hello jul9000,

    The reach of the IR sensors is quite broad, it doesn't need to be strictly in front. We have had cases of customers for which a very close angle worked (in the same wall, below the AC, in view of the AC's IR receiver). But unfortunately the only way to know if it would be convenient is testing it in its specific location.



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