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Integrate PIR's

I like to have our system on Auto Assist....., which would work great if it was just my wife and I

But most family's have children...…, they don't have smart phones so Auto Assist is of little use.

The child minder that comes to mind my children...., I don't want to load (nor would she want me to) the Tado app on her phone.

Simple solution...., that I can't believe Tado haven't introduced yet.

PIR's to detect movement in the house and then turn on the manual heating settings, until movement is no longer detected, turning on Auto Assist again.

PIRS could also be used to activate TRV's in rooms if motion is detected. Yes I may have bedroom rads set to only come on at a certain time of night...., but what if I decided to go for an unscheduled sleep during the day..., how wonderful would it be if Tado turned on the heating in the room to make it comfortable.

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  • Fully agree, the system needs to be able to work as a stand alone system for people who don't use phones but want the benefit of a smart system. Nest manages it. Same a lot of us have children and have to leave them with friends who come or child minders. Really needs this to happen. Plus maybe we don't want the system to know where we are and we want to rely on the system to be smart without requiring us to have a phone and letting the system know where we are.

  • PIR's might cause a few issues for anyone that have pets in the house.....they wander about and trigger the motion detectors and the heating comes on.......this is not what I would want.

    Also, we walk in and out of our bedrooms throughout the day for any number of reasons....so again, I don't want the heating being triggered whenever someone walks into a room.

    I personally only want the heating to be triggered when the temp drops below whatever you've set the stats too.

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