Extremely hot radiators

I have 12 trv,s in my house and 3 of them are unbearably hot. These are either behind wooden radiator curtains or curtains.

I have set offset to +2 to combat this and temperature on to 21 to correct this. Does this sound correct?

I am unclear what the climate report shows. I am assuming the top toggle button shows when heat comes on in grey (not the orange on the bottom). Could do with a legend! Is this correct

Any other tips for really hot radiators please?




  • Not specifically addressing your issue but you should aspire to a boiler for water radiator temperature of 55C (or less) to get the most efficient running from a condensing boiler. Radiators don't need to be red hot and you're possibly wasting gas (google low temperature heating for more on this). As for radiators that are trapping heat due to curtains or other enclosures, other than not doing this for obvious reasons, then you'll need to *naughtyword* whether the TRV reported temperature is being impacted by this as it could just be that the room temperature is being reported accurately (it'll depend on TRV positioning) and therefore the radiator is shutting down as needed (i.e. the other radiators in the room are heating the room successfully). More details perhaps?