What is the function of "Care & Protect" ?

I'm curious as to the function / role of "Care and Protect". Our boiler was inoperative for 4 weeks and Tado reported that there weren't any issues and indeed recorded 15-15hrs of heating every day.

Surely the app can detect a difference between calling for heat and actually heating ? One thermostat was down totally as it was connected to the same power supply as the boiler so that should at least have thrown up an error message in Care & Protect (it did show offline in rooms).


  • rafm5
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    @Despacito That's a very good question!

    The Care & Protect doesn't actually seem to do anything (majority members say here) it's more of an 'introduction service' as said by @GrayDav4276

    At least I was not able to find a clear answer from tado° what does it to, anything other than 'algorithms'

    Also my guess is that they use your boiler details to build your customer profile etc. & then sell or use it for marketing purpose.

    You may get some statistics, heating activity (again, plenty of users are claiming wrong data) on paid version, but don'r expect that Care & Protect will pick up real faults.

  • Rob2
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    Indeed it does not read any factual data from the boiler. it only has some "algorithms" that detect e.g. that the desired temperature is not reached even though the boiler is commanded ON.

    When the control is via a bus (OpenTherm or manufacturer specific) it would be possible to read status information and errorcodes from the boiler and show these in Care&Protect, but that is not done.

    Of course when you use plain old relay control (apparently this is still common in the UK?) it is not possible to read errorcodes.