I'm considering buying a tado thermostat and I have some questions



I've been looking at buying a smart thermostat but I don't necessarily require all the bell and whistles. I am very privacy-conscious and prefer the ability to control my thermostat without a cloud-based solution. Of course I understand that means none of the cloud-based intelligence would work.

To that end, would functions such as local control, heating schedule, app control and timer-based tasks work if the tado smart thermostat is disconnected from the internet/cloud?

If no, do tado plan to implement this in a future software update? or would this require a new thermostat?

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  • Michael
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    Thank you for your interest in tado°

    We have the same security standards as online banking, if that makes you feel better about tado° (most people use online banking as well)

    Without internet you would be able to control the tado° manually on the device itself. It would not be possible to make use of the Smart Schedule (it's cloud based) or the app control.

    tado° is not planning to make any changes for this in the near feature.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Many thanks for answering my question. I am sure that you use high security. I just prefer the ability to control my own device without relying on someone else's datacentre. If tado decide to discontinue a product - for whatever reason - the hardware becomes mostly useless.

    Good luck

  • Vertigo
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    Banks may be secure, but they are starting to sell customers data.

    When my video doorbell insisted on sending everything over the cloud (and no longer worked as a bell without internet) I was miffed. When I learned it also send all my video to India and the police without my consent, I replaced it with a system that works and records locally and doesnt depend on someone's cloud.

    Tado, to be useful, insists on telling them where everyone of our family is at any time (geofencing) and they appear to go out of their way to ensure the system doesnt really work unless you turn that on (no manual override for home or away). More over, nothing works without internet and Tado servers, not even a basic schedule. This has me worried Tado's goal is not so much to sell hardware that users actually control, but to lock us in to their cloud services.

    Im not exaggerating when I say this is the main reason stopping me switching over my entire house. I like the hardware. But I want to retain control over it, and over my data. So when someone comes up with similar hardware solution that does not depend on an external cloud, something I can fully control from a local openhab or home assistant hub, I will switch over.

  • Ouch, I just created an account to chime in and let you know that this kills my plans to deploy your product. There is no technical reason not to provide all features - but remote schedule management - in an air-gapped implementation. It's just deliberate data-hoarding.

    You should fire your "growth hackers", right now.