Heating system efficiency score

It would be nice if Tado analyzed how efficient my heating system is.

Maybe we could specify the area of the home, and with using of the consumption and weather data it would calculate the efficiency.
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  • rafm5
    rafm5 | Moderator

    @clemencov What's the benefit of it? tado° can't provide gas consumption, well they try, but each attempt including Energy IQ is just not working.

  • Hi @clemencov

    Looking at the "accuracy" of Tado's attempts to provide "usage" information/predictions.......if Tado did provide what you are asking for, the result would be exactly the same as their other efforts......nothing more than a SWAG (Scientific Wild Arsed Guess).

    All their "heating consumption and predicted usage" features are nothing more than sales promoting window dressing !! IMHO