Tado Valve in downstairs WC losing internet connection

For a few weeks my Tado Valve in the downstairs worked perfect however, the last weeks its a different story. Its constantly losing its connection to the internet, it's off for minutes or hours, there is no notification that the batteries need to be changed (this has been the case for two others, new batteries required). The modem and bridge is on the same ground level and is maybe 15 meters away. Valves on the first floor which are further away have no issues.

I have added some screen shots to show what I mean.

All 6 other valves have no issues, just this one.

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    Hi @Jason1704

    I have experienced a similar thing with a couple of my SRT's .......although they did not cause a "Low Battery" notification, when I changed the batteries, the "No Remote Access" issues all disappeared.


  • Hello,

    Tado has many connection issues. I reported many problems to the TADO support team and the last one seem to have upset them. I told them that two devices do not update and they told me it’s better to buy OTHER product than tado… the tado support team told me to buy something other than tado. I thinks this says a lot about the product itself. Here is the email:
    Hello Paul,

    thank you for contacting us. I kindly ask you to leave your feature request in the tado° Community, so it can be discussed and voted on by our community members.

    That feedback then helps us determine what we should change, and which features we should develop further.

    We are currently doing the best we can to innovate and develop our products and services to the highest level that we can. However, this also means that implementations take time to be fully integrated and work properly along with all consumers. So if you are looking for a solution to all of these things now, it would seem best for you to choose something other than tadoº - as I cannot guarantee you at this very moment that there are no more delays in features like open window detection, for example.

    Please have a look over the following link where you can start the returning process.

    In case you have any more questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Kind regards,

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    At least Wendy knows that the boilerplate text to "leave a feature request on the forum" is useless because these requests are never collected and acted upon, due to the lack of developers they can only "do their best" to keep up instead of doing real development.

  • Thanks, changing the batteries seems to have done the trick! Thanks!

  • Tado has reportedly made an alteration to the "Low Battery" activation point.....apparently to accommodate the use of (by some users) rechargeable batteries.......I suspect that some SRT's are missing the altered "Low Battery" activation point.
  • Yes could be, because I never received any email warning due to low battery. Strange how all valves were fitting on the same, activated within minutes of each other and all have the same make of battery yet up to now only 2 have given me a low battery warning.

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    I too have had the same issue. My system has worked with no issues for about 6 months, then 2 weeks ago it all went wrong. On 2 occasions all devices lost connectivity, I had to restart my router both times to correct the fault. Now I have a TRV which fails daily, no matter what I do (reset, change batteries, reset) it still loses connection. This is a new issue and no doubt there was an update in the background that has caused these issues.... TADO always does this and then simply advises you to move the bridge.

    A simple solution for this is a bridge extender, its always been the solution but they fail to do anything about it. Or they could also use mesh connectivity, but again they rely on the awful bridge that fails so many.

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    I've had my radiator thermostats (SRTs) installed for around a year and a half. Previously I only had a single main thermostat and extension kit.

    For the first year of having the SRTs installed I had solid connectivity, once I'd found a happy location for the bridge to reliably connect all devices. After a year, the batteries in my kitchen SRT gave up. I did, however, get a low battery notification for this.

    I changed the batteries and all was good for around a month. However, now the kitchen SRT has random "bad days" every few weeks, and I've never worked out why. It is the furthest from the bridge, so is the one I'd expect to struggle, but what I can't explain is why it was fine for an entire year. Nothing about my setup has changed.

    The last time was Thursday last week, where it did this while nobody was home in the middle of the day:

    Now, on this occasion I deliberately didn't fiddle with it once I got home. As can be seen after 4pm it started behaving again. It's behaved perfectly fine for 4 days now...

    If history tells me anything it might be fine now for weeks, before having an off day again.

    I can only assume that something is causing interference periodically, but am yet to work out what. Unless, my elderly neighbour likes to dabble in blasting out 868Mhz radio signals...

    If it was a battery issue then I'd expect to see if disconnecting a lot more regularly, than just the odd day every few weeks. It's got me stumped, and frustrated.

  • You replaced batteries. LR06 or R06 types? (You need the LR type, more expensive, but more powerful and longer lasting)
  • Well I have done 2 things, I changed the batteries which I thought had solved the problem however it turned out that it didn't resolve my issue.

    I even put a totally new TRV on 25JAN2022 (bought one extra just in case) put new batteries in it and......no, still have the same issue.

    What's strange is, it's about 15 meters from the modem to the Boiler with no doors or walls. The bathroom is on the other side of the wall from the boiler (wall is 15 cm thick) and still a bad connection. The TRV's in the rest of the house are further.

    A bridge extender would that be the solution? does it exist?

    away with more walls with no problems?