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What maintenance is recommended for the TRVs and other kit?

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A heating engineer recommended that I set up a schedule to fully open all my non-smart TRVs once a month for 15 minutes as preventative maintenance. Now that we've fully switched to the tado smart system including TRVs, what is the recommended maintenance schedule? Does it happen automatically?

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  • Hello Ditsy,

    If your valves require to be open for at least 15 minutes a month when they're not in use, we can advise to remove the Smart Radiator Thermostat for 15 minutes, that will leave the valve in the radiator open.

    Best regards,

    Germán Muñoz

  • I think you've misunderstood me. The engineer made the recommendation with regard to the kit we were using before we changed to tado. Now we have tado TRVs, what maintenance do you recommend?

  • I'll have to ask the engineer to be more precise about his recommendation. Thanks for the response.

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