Thread is the future of smart home connectivity and will also help people struggling with Tado range issues.

Thread should also help grow network size without overwhelming the system as it becomes more resilient.
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  • Agreed.

    As somebody who is just starting to build out my HomeKit environment, I'm only going to invest in accessories that support the Thread protocol. I'd like to get my heating sorted on priority but won't be buying a system / devices unless Thread support is included. I'm hoping that the Tado tech team will be able to share some information in the near future.

  • I’m in exactly the same boat.

    I’d really like to purchase a couple of different sensors and accessories, but seeing how Thread with BLE back-up is clearly the way things are going, I’m waiting before upgrading anything more.

    Philips Hue’s decision to only upgrade their hub to Thread means I won’t be getting anything more from them, unless it’s something particularly unique.

    I hope Tado makes the jump, particularly as it’ll be an excellent way to solve a couple of the issues frequently referenced on the forums.
  • I know I'm a bit late to this thread... But I've just been considering switching from Tado to Eve Thermo partly due to Thread support and partly because I have underfloor heating and the Tado valves are too wide to sit side by side on my manifold for the different zones. But considering that the Ever Thermos are actually wider that the Tados and on the off chance I can find a solution to the latter issue, I decided to check what frequency the radiator valves use and whether they could perhaps be upgraded to support Thread via a software update, and unless I'm mistaken it does look possible! As they both supposedly use 868 MHz (6LoWPAN) in Europe at least.

    However in my experience I've also been hugely let down by Tado in the past. Long ago they extensively promised HomeKit support would come to the original Smart AC controller so I bought one not realising they hadn't actually put the necessary hardware in them to do it at the time. So then got burnt when they ended up having to release an updated model to actually support it. And even worse, I still have that original version, and Apple have now relaxed the restrictions on HomeKit such that they could update those original models to work, and they haven't bothered 😔

  • rafm5
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    Although no official statement, tado° have recently joined The Thread Group and now appear on their official list.

    The annual fee for this is $7,500 so hopefully this will push things forward!

  • Rob
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    @rafm5 is correct. There are very clear plans to implement Thread. When and how is something I cannot really comment on though, as it isn't clear at this point.

  • gnet
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    Is there any more information on when Tado heating and hot water thermostat will support Thread? Will The Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ receive a software update to support Thread or is this to be supported in the next iteration of the product?

  • Rob
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    No update yet. I don't expect a significant update within the next few months. I expect that we will support Thread in the future. I cannot give you a 100% guarantee, but unless something very dramatic will happen, I'm confident it will come. It is however too early in the process to be very specific.

  • .....and will it require new hardware ie TRV's ?

    This is important on my today buying decisions..

  • Full thread on TRVs requires new TRVs because thread uses 2.4 ghz and the TRVs use 866 mhz.

    If Tado makes a new internet bridge only that is thread enabled, than the bridge is thread enabled but the TRVs are not. And then you still have a star network which does not have the range advantages of a thread mesh network. But multiple thread bridges would be possible I guess.