Installed yesterday- won’t call for heat!

Apologies I’m on a rapid learning curve with all this!
I had Tado installed yesterday by an electrician. Previously we had a Bosstherm programmer with a wired Honeywell dial thermostat in the hall.
I spoke with Tado beforehand and they told me I needed a V3+ starter kit (for the receiver and bridge), and a separate wired thermostat to replace the Honeywell.
The Wired thermostat calls for heat, but neither the spare wireless thermostat nor the radiator smart TRVs will. On the app it says everything is connected, but the only thing that can fire up the boiler is the wired thermostat.

Any ideas for a very disillusioned newbie??

Thank you!


  • cbd20
    cbd20 | Moderator
    @komodo I'm assuming you've got your wireless receiver in place of the old programmer?

    If so, this will then be your "zone controller", i.e it's responsible for actually firing the boiler.

    The wired thermostat will request that the "zone controller" fire the boiler when it needs to.

    In the app, click Settings - Rooms and Devices, and then click on a room name. At the bottom is a zone controller setting. For the rooms with your smart TRVs etc, ensure that the correct zone controller is set. This will enable them to request the boiler to fire.
  • Can you try something?

    Crank up the wired 'stat to it's maximum and then see what effect adjusting the temp. on the wireless 'stat has? It's helpful to know what the actual temperature is where the two 'stats are so you can know if you are setting them to be above (= more heat requested) or below (= no heat needed) ambient.

    In theory - if the wired 'stat is "permanently on" (always requesting heat) then the wireless 'stat should operate the system, on and off, according to its setting vs. ambient.

    Report back with findings.