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Central Heating System with 2 zones


My system has 2 zones already, and a hot water tank, therefore 2 existing wireless thermostats and hot water / heating control panel.

if to install Tado to replicate is this possible? If so, does it need 2 x wireless thermostats and 2 x bridges, and the extension box for hot water?

current Honeywell set up but want to progress system to remote thermostatic rads/trvs.

Appreciate any feedback re comparability.

Best Regards.


  • To replicate what you have you will need one bridge (cannot have more than one), one extension kit and two room thermostats. It depends on your specific system whether this will work for you. Tado can advise you, but it was doable in my case.

    For my setup I was only able to use one of the room thermostats with a wireless connection. I have the extension kit wired to the hot water zone valve, and the upstairs radiator zone valve. The upstairs room thermostat is wirelessly connected to the extension kit. The downstairs room thermostat is wired to the downstairs radiator zone valve. I don’t have any smart TRVs on the system.

  • Thanks for this, appreciated.

    I contacted Tado and their initial response it cannot be done due to one bridge only per account.

    Your comments indicated there is a way round it. Next step I will go back to Tado and indicate need this looked at further.

    Overall I need:
    1 x wireless thermostat for zone 1
    1 x wireless thermostat for zone 2
    1 x extension for hot water
    1 x bridge

    Agree the TRVs can come later, but before invest really want tado to prove this would work for my set up..
  • I think your issue is you are limited to one wireless thermostat. The extension kit can only link to one room thermostat and control one zone valve for the radiators. I assume this is due to the extension kit only having two relays inside. I had to hardwire my second room thermostat to control the second zone valve.

  • Ah ok...so you hardwired the 2nd thermostat.... ok I can see this probably wont work for me as current 2 x thermostats are wireless and just want to replicate. Never mind, the product looks good, and better than clunky Honeywell option.

    Appreciate your feedback... that's really helpful.
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