Develop a "basic backup schedule" mode for when Tado outage or loss of internet



  • Comment removed! So someone is reading :)

    I guess Tado doesn’t want this topic spilling over to the App Store 🤔

    Please could we also have a development update Tado? Thank you.

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    A lot of companies seem to be delaying product releases due to the delays with the Matter standard. I don't think we've seen an official announcement from Tado regarding any intention to support Thread and/or Matter, so currently have no reason to believe the extremely slow feature rollout has anything to do with it. I suspect customer perception of fault resolution and feature rollout speed has been de-prioritised in favour of the SaaS product Tado offers.

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    @Ditsy We have some movement - see here and here

  • Let me take some educated guesses. Tado will introduce a new thread/matter based internet hub in ‘23, and it will have some capabilities to work without cloud connection. It will probably be backward compatible with the existing radiator knobs via 868 mhz. The current bridge will possibly be updated to Matter but not Thread like the pending Matter update of the Hue bridge.

    There will be new Tado radiator knobs introduced that will be thread end-points, enabled via 2.4 ghz that work only via the new internet bridge. In that way adding a threadrouter (by Tado or other brands) to increase range is easy. So range will be no more an issue in that situation.

    But the old 868 mhz existing radiator knobs will not be upgraded to thread because they most probably have no 2.4 ghz antenna (or because of other hardware/software issues, and a thread network does not work via 868 mhz). So for current radiator knobs the range issue will not be resolved, unless a specific 868 mhz extender is developed which Tado did not do the last years. And to work without cloud you need to buy a new internet bridge.

    Yes, a lot of money is coming to Tado, but I doubt money will flow to build an legacy extender which only part of their existing customers needs. 

    With the buying of aWATTar their focus wil be “whilst proving as a substantial business for tado across both hardware and SaaS subscription software services. tado offers time-of-use energy tariffs which enable customers to benefit from volatility in the energy markets.” They want to sell hardware and subcriptions to manage energy usage during the day. This will require major developments of hard- and software because only heating the boiler during the night or whenever energy is cheap will not cut it. You need to manage all major energy users in a home including a (car)battery and solarpanels. They want smart homegrid management devices, along with selling energy.

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    Those who says that with kids-prevention disabled allows us to manual operate the smart radiator valves, I am not sure… in my case I had to purchase a wifi thermostat to avoid false temperature from radiators on valves on every room, and it now measures the room temperature with thermostat instead of the valve. Because of that I think every valve is an slave of the wifi thermostat and if no connection to cloud, valves can’t even decide by itselfs to be opened or closed.

    I know that it could be difficult to develop something on current hw, but please Tado, please! We beg you some kind of workaround. There must be a way… at least a way to avoid that missing 1 only minute of connection could make loss the instruction to turn on the heating and not being checked anymore until next schedule change.

    Please Tado. I insist. We have invest too much money (Around 900€ In my case) so that you can leave us alone and the only solution is continue investing more money on new bridges or even a completely new set (like your advisement of buying some additional “cheap” wifi thermostats to solve the false measures from radiator valves)
  • Completey agree with everyone here. I was between a Honeywell system and Tado, if I knew that the schedule is service based I would have gone with the Honeywell smart trv setup. That is basic functionality of the device that the Tado replaced......

    Shocking to find this out now. Also considering now sending this back.
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    Do I need to say more?!

  • I wish I’d read all of this before investing nearly a grand into a system that relies on the internet. Living in the UK I am used to regular internet outages, how annoying.
  • When I mentioned the problem to tado, i got this answer:

    "You are correct, the Smart Schedule operates from the server. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to control it from the tado° app. If you have intermittent internet at home, we recommend you contact your ISP. Your tado° team"

    Shame on Tado, they not only ignore customer needs, but they also state this easy task as impossible while communicating me as I were an idiot.

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    @ahorvath73 There is a post here (if I am correct from Rob) confirming how this feature works and why is so difficult for tado° to implement local based automation etc.

    I expect no change to this behavior for the current range ;-(