Tado AC Control for Holiday Home & Airbnb


I will soon have a holiday home in southern Spain which I will rent out on Airbnb when not using it myself. I'm looking to manage the A/C in the following way:

  • If out, the A/C should turn on if the indoor temp goes above 35c
  • Once under 30c, it should turn off (not just allow the a/c to run on fan mode)
  • Linked to a Ring Alarm, using IFTTT link, should the alarm be set into away mode, the A/C reverts to keeping the home below 35c only. (This is to ensure that if an Airbnb guest leaves the home, the A/C stops running as I am sure they will not turn it off themselves)

Would the Tado a/c control be able to do this?

Also - any other tips for Airbnb a/c management using Tado?


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  • MichielTado
    MichielTado ✭✭
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    The first two points can easily be done via homekit automations.

    The last point is more difficult but if you can use the IFTTT trigger in homekit you could automate that too. The Eve app has more options to make more complex homekit automations (compared to the Apple Home app).

  • MichielTado
    MichielTado ✭✭
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    If the guests would only use the Smart AC device itself manually they wouldn’t need access to the app. I guess they still can reset the smart ac itself. Or maybe let the guests only use the original remote control, and prevent/secure access to the smart AC itself so it can be used for automations only by the owner.

    I agree with Rob2 that the Smart AC is not ideal for this use case, and user management would be extremely helpful.


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    "Also - any other tips for Airbnb a/c management using Tado?"

    Tip: forget about it. Tado has no user management where you can add users with limited rights. Any users invited into the system automatically are "administrators" and can reconfigure and foul-up your entire system.

    Tado is unsuitable for this purpose (unless they fix this).

  • Thanks all - my assumption would be that guests would use the actual a/c controller on wall and tado would run the automations to turn it off when they leave (using the ring alarm as the trigger)