Tado App on Win 10 PC

Hi, new to Tado and the forum, currently awaiting arrival of my smart radiator stat 3B+ starter kit from Tado to appraise/have a play with before commiting to full system conversion.

As an old fashioned desktop PC daily user I would like to run the Tado app on my Win 10 PC, already have this installed on my Android smart phone awaiting devices to register.

Is it absolutely necessary to install an Android emulator? Have already tried "BlueStacks" but it won't run on my Ryzen-5, Win 10 PC. If so, which is the best, simplest, least intrusive emulator which will run the Tado application? I am not a gamer so have no alternative need for a complex Android emulator.

Thanks in advance..

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  • tiffy
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    Yes, I sort of realised after I posted that registering and signing in to "My Tado" looked exactly the same as the smart phone app and would likely work exactly the same way, somewhat jumped the gun, apologies!

    Can only go so far as still awaiting delivery of my first Tado kit so hopefully can register the components and take it from there, lots of very good help videos on line.

    Many thanks for your response.