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Smart radiator stuck 'unmounted' despite passing through the calibration stage without error

Hi. I've got a smart TRV that refuses to get past the mounting stage in the install wizard.

I can install the TRV itself and it'll successfully go through calibration, ending up with the three squares correctly then moving on to (its default?) 'home' setting of 19°C.

The online wizard doesn't acknowledge this has happened and is still 'waiting for mounting'.

Pulling the power on the TRV and retrying does nothing to fix it.

The TRV is refusing to listen to the Tado's master schedule temperatures too, stuck at 19°C instead of what I've set. The tado software also cannot see when I manually change the temperature at the TRV. Presuambly this does affect the set point though is only temporary and not what we use smart TRVs for...

I've tried resetting the Tado itself and this didn't have any effect.

Swapping the TRV with another from a different room didn't have any effect.

So two questions:

  1. how does the 'failure to mount' get fixed?
  2. is this messing up the interface between the scheduling and the smart TRV? If so how do I sort it out?

Help much appreciated!


  • update - since swapping the dodgy one in a bedroom into the living room without changing schedules it's blatantly obvious the dodgy one is stuck in the digital living room, despite being configured to a different room!

    I've now reassigned the rooms and the TRV is functional. still hasn't passed through installation correctly but at least it's holding the correct temperature.

    That explains why it was also heating when the living room was...I was putting that down to a leaky valve!

    Tado - is there a way of resetting the TRV's installation from scratch? Do I need to power off and re-pair?

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Don't know if this will work but...

    Settings>Devices then select your Thermostat then options and select remove device.

    This should (??) allow you to start from scratch but I am surprised an 'expert' has not already suggested this.

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