"updated" the remote, now Home assistant not working


Has there beem some updates done and/or what has been done?

I have a mitsubishi electric AC and first tado had controls for modes, temp and full swing on/off and fan speed and HA integration worked beatifully.

I restarted the AC setup and got a new "remote" with better swing control (vertical and horizontal), but HA stopped working almost completely, can only set it off or auto.

What has changed with these "remotes"?

First remote setup was made laye 2020 and new on like a month ago maybe.


  • Hey there. I know it's been a while since you posted your question but I have the exact same issue. I have updated the remote, more functional ity now but home assistant does not work. Did you find any solution?
  • Did you try connecting the Smart AC to HA via homekit controller instead of the traditional Tado integration ?