Installation Issue

I purchased a Tado V3+ hot water and the instructions seemed to be simple enough. My current wireless receiver only had 4 wires so what could go wrong. Followed the instructions and after a frustrating day it still does not work. To add to that, the Tado chat page has not answered my initial query after 20 hrs. You can see below the wiring inside the Honeywell reciever, there is also a hot water heater controller on the wall next to it. So far nothing is working, any ideas?


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    That wiring is never going to work. If you've retained your HW controller and this wiring is just for the CH, then you should have one wire on CH COM and one on CH NO. Nothing required on HW NO.

  • It appears you've not installed the commons power wires from the live terminal to CH com (third screw terminal from the left) and from this terminal to HW com (sixth screw terminal from the left).

    Without these common power wires there is no power going to your CH or hotwater.

    Look in the product box, there will be a very small plastic bag with two solid bar jumpers (two different sixes - smallest goes from live to screw terminal 3 - largest goes from terminal 3 to 6).

    Hope this sorts your problem out.