What is the timeline for geofencing per person per room? (geofencing individual rooms)

What is the timeline for geofencing per individual room? Is it still on the backlog? I can find posts dating back to 2018 saying there is work done on the feature.

Could you please provide me with an update?


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    I think there are no developers working on the project, except the original founder who developed everything. Of course now he is in the top-3 of the company so he has other things on his desk besides development.

    Once in a while we get some new gadget, usually on friday afternoon when he feels like tinkering with the software again.

    When there would be a full-time developer or -team, trivial things like this would have been implemented long ago.

  • Well unfortunately there is no alternative system for this feature on the market either. As far as I know. Currently have two tado systems and looking for two more, but this feature is essential.

  • Hi @Michael88,

    2 Tado systems or....2 Tado devices ?? 🤔
  • Michael88
    edited February 2021

    2 systems about 20 devices

  • Hi, IFTT option if „leave specified area“ then „turn heating off specified room“ works for me
  • Yes this works for me but it has to work for people that are not interested in saving energy. IFTTT is not for those people ;)
  • I do this with Apple Homekit. Works well.