Help! how to wire the wireless Tado V3+ to a Daikin D2CND024A 24kw condensing boiler unit


 I would like some information on how to connect a Tado Smart Thermostat - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ to the Daikin D2CND024A 24kw condensing unit

 Some images of the terminals where they connect, or a video, would be useful. Unfortunately, there are not many videos or information about this.

On my wiring diagram from daikin 24 kw condensation boiler i can se it ned to be wired at X1M /ext3, it indicates Open Therm + - Room Thermostat.

The Qestion is where to conect on Tado V3+ the 2 wires?

Opentherm need a DC Transformator 24v?


From what I've seen, the power plant knows Opentherm, a diagram with the connection to OpenTherm, or on off if you could help me.


  • GrilledCheese2
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    For OpenTherm you simply connect 2 wires from ext3 to + and - on the Tado device. The polarity does not matter. When using the wireless receiver it will need a 230V supply.

  • sygey
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    Hello! Can you please tell me how to connect this thermostat in OpenTherm mode? I saw that in the instructions it shows that digital + - 2 wires, what I am not clear about is that it somehow needs a 24v transformer? or do you just connect to the digital + - those 2 wires and directly to the central open therm terminal? I mention that for power supply I have a separate cable with a plug for the outlet. 230v

  • No need for a separate 24v transformer. Plug the wireless receiver into a 230v outlet and it will take care of the low voltage.

    The wireless receiver will need to be configured for OpenTherm mode. Once the Tado devices are connected to the internet customer support will be able to make changes to the configuration.