False low battery email notifications?

I’ve received a couple of email notifications saying the batteries are low in two of my SRT. But I only installed them less than a week ago and the app says the batteries are all good. Is this a known issue and what is actually correct?


  • A quick update on this. The app finally caught up and is now also displaying the fact that two sets of batteries are low. It’s a bit worrying as they were only installed a week ago and the the one SRT has been off the whole time. Let’s hope that it was just a bad set of factory batteries.
  • The factory supplied batteries in my wireless temp sensor, bought in may, died after two months, so could well be a dodgy batch
  • I also recently received a low battery email notification, but the radiator thermostat is working fine and there is no low battery symbol on the device. I've had this before too.

    I'm not sure whether it's best to trust the emails or the device's display. You would hope that the 2 would be insync.
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    I'm sure that I have read a post by a tado° employee somewhere in the Forum.....which stated that when tado° send the "Low Battery warning" email out that there is approximately 2 weeks life in the batteries, to enable the user to get new batteries.
    So therefore they aren't actually "False low battery email notifications"
  • I have had these notifications, checked on the app which shows batteries are ok and then tested and getting 1.5volts, complete mystery. Can Tado explain?

  • @Merleychris I have had similar with two trvs within their first month. Mine were low in the app and got the email and the valve stopped working but after changing to new batteries and then back to the original "dead at 1.5V" batteries everything is ok.

  • I'm beginning to think that this is a tado° issue with regards to how the battery level is being "interogated" by the tado° systems.

    It seems to me that tado° need to devote a little time and effort to determine what they (tado°) need to do to produce a "Low Battery Notification" feature that is "fit for purpose"..........probably not very high in tado°s list of priorities though.

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    Not sure if sending an email is the most efficient way of communication.

    I recommend:

    • push notifications
    • update via 'device status' tab
  • @rafm5

    Personally I'm not too bothered which delivery method tado° uses for the "Low Battery" notification........however I would prefer tado° to sort out their calculations for interrogating the data.

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    What is the current behaviour for this scenario?

    • should tado° app indicate low battery status?
    • should tado° follow up with a 'low battery' email?


  • In recent weeks, we've had three devices warn of low batteries. As it was quite possibly (quite possibly time to change, each was refreshed.

    In two of the three we are still getting these messages despite new, perfectly good batteries being installed, and the devices working perfectly. In one case, we tried a second set of fully charged long life rechargeable batteries recommended by Tado.

    This is very clearly a bug in the Tado system somewhere.
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    Looks like battery info is now available via push (iOS)