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I do not know what the name of my wired thermostat is


I have no idea what make my wired thermostat is currently. It is very old and has no name on it.

I do not want to use my existing thermo stat wires , as i cannot move the wires, i will add the new Tado smart thermo stat into a new room.

I am not sure if still need to select the boiler+wired thermo stat on the registration/installation page now that i am not using the wired thermo stat?

Any help would be good, thanks


  • If you have a combi type boiler and a wired room stat, I believe that you may need to purchase an Extension Kit. Typically used for controlling your hot water but you wont be using this function. You'll use the extension kit as a wired connection to the boiler and then through the bridge the stat (battery powered) will communicate with the extension kit controlling your heating and allowing your thermostat to be wireless.

    I am trying to carry out the same function. I currently have a bridge and stat and a combi boiler. The stat has been connected to my old stats wiring and has been working fine. I intend to install a new extension kit that I have just bought to all my stat to move rooms.

    Currently waiting for TADO technical to come back to me with the connections that I am sure are perm Live, perm Neutral and then Comm & N/C for the boiler connection that went to my old stat but will now be terminated in to the new extension kit installed adjacent to my boiler.

    Its been two days and nothing useful back from TADO yet.

    I wish you every success.

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