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Issues installing thermostat on Nefit SmartLine HR 11/24

Hey guys,

I have a little issues getting my Tado thermostat to actually turn on my boiler. I have a feeling I just need to configure the right settings into the Tado thermostat, but I can't find the right settings.

I already tried to follow the installers guide (with no luck) and tried both the OpenTherm settings (D01 & HC01) and the Nefit EMS-bus settings (D31 & HC01), but both of these settings didn't manage to turn on the boiler.

I included a picture of my current thermostat, how it connects to the boiler and of the part where the wire connects into the boiler itself.

Anyone any tips on how to actually get the thermostat to work?


  • If your existing thermostat had two wires connected to it; not including any earth conductor that may or may not have been connected to your existing thermostat then with the electricity isolated, remembering where they came from put the two connectors into a suitable nylon connector effectively connecting them together.

    Stats are usually just a clever switch, when it sees a certain condition temp too cold the switch closes (or opens) signalling the boiler to come on. When it sees a change in condition temp too hot then again it opens (or closes) and turns the boiler off.

    If with the cables connected together and the electricity turned back on the boiler doesn't fire up or if the cables are separated and the electricity turned back on the boiler doesn't fire up I suspect there is an issue outside of the TADO thermostat set up as from memory the connections for these are Normal & N/O or N/C its the N/C or N/O you are trying to establish.

  • I connected the two wires together, but this doesn't turn on the boiler.
    Another thing to note is that I live in the Netherlands and boilers tend to have low powered connections, so its unlikely that I should connect it on the Normal & N/O or N/C since these require a much higher voltage as far as I know.

    Anyway, since connecting the two wires doesn't turn it on I'm guessing there's slightly more of a protocol behind it. This gets me thinking it's really a matter of telling the Tado to use the right protocol... I just don't know how to configure that
  • The connections on the stat are volt free so its just a switch. The connection sin the stat are not looking for voltage. I believe the contacts can handle up to 230V AC. The key, as I understand it is to find out from boiler what connection(s) its looking for (a signal) to say, Turn on as I need heat. Once you have established the signal the boiler is looking for to enable the heating to come on, then that would tell you the connection(s) to make on the Stat.

    It sounds as if you need to find out more about how your system works prior to TADO-ing up.

    Good Luck.


  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    Please just make a tado° account and register your devices. Fill in your heating system and you will get online step for step instructions.

    Seems like the RCC module is now sabotaging the EMS/D31 signal.

    Just follow the steps online and you will get instructions.

    Kind regards,


  • @braaibander where you able to get it working. I have the same problem. I got my Nefit Trendline > ems converter > tado thermostat setup. Tried the D31 config but didnt work.
  • No, unfortunately not yet, but I'm working with the Tado guys to get it fixed. Will let you know when it works here
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