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Tado Room Stat Change but not turning off boiler - Heating

Hi, I have installed and had working since the beginning of this month the Bridge, Room Stat and Combi Boiler - No issues what so ever. Last night I noticed that the boiler had not turned off 2hrs past the time block taking the temperature down from 21.5deg to 17.0deg. The Boiler was still running and the thermostat stated Heating to 17deg - Inside Now 21deg. Using the thermostat manual control I dropped the temp further. This still didn't turn off the boiler. Eventually took the temp down so far as to say off. The boiler turned off. Manually turned the temp up to 5 deg (way lower than the ambient) and the boiler came on to heat, I removed the Stat from the plate and removed the batteries for 10mins. Put it all back together. The stat remembered the 5deg setting and turned the boiler on with an ambient still at 21deg. It appears that the stat will bring the boiler on but its internal setting is stuck at 21deg as it never heats over this value. If you lower the temp either manually or through the schedule it completely ignores the new setting and remains at the previously set 21deg. It doenst appear to be a wireless issue as the display changes when using the phone. It doesn't appear to be a manually issue as the boiler turns off and on if you manually turn off the stat. The connections haven't been changed from when it was working initially for 2-3 weeks.

Tado tech - Please advise

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  • MattGuMattGu
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    Tado Tech have come back to me.

    As I had bought and registered the extension kit, Tado had through the network turned my wired stat into a wireless stat expecting the Extension kit to have been wired. Now I have explained that the extension kit had not been wired because I was waiting for the connection details from Tado, they have turned my stat back to a relay stat. you can now hear it clicking when it changes temp.

    Now to get the Extension Kit wired in and they can turn that on to control the Boiler and turn the stat back to a wireless stat.

    Clever stuff really when they let you know whats going on and they can affect the operation of the devices remotely.


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