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Tado connecting to an ATAG Blauwe Engel II (2003)

Can you please advice how to connect an ATAG Blauwe Engel II (2003) Non OpenTerm device to the Tado Thermostat? I was previously informed by ATAG that my device was equipped with Open Therm but after installation (and not working) i recontacted ATAG helpdesk. My device seems to Old (serial no based). I'm not willing to return the set and hope anyone can provide me with ea working sollution. The actual themostat is a ATAG Brain.


  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    If you contact support they could help you out, with the exact instructions.


    Basically you need to wire the boiler to relay (on/off) instead of the bus.

    The Smart Thermostat needs to be wired to relay as well, support can help you with changing the soft ware driver of the Smart Thermostat to relay.

    Kind regards,


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