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Hi, I'm a newbe to this, so i am about to purchase smart trv's, now before i spend £200 on 4 trv's i need to know that tado will support any problems that i may incur, i have had a full tado kit supplied with my new boiler, i've delayed the replacement of my old Hive system because It was fully working with the exception of trv's, these i purchased from an internet supplier and when i asked hive to supply the correct adapters they refused stating that i need to contact the seller, i did that they reported back that hive will not support 3 party sellers either. so basically sales blackmail.

So before i commit to 9 Tado Trv's I would ask tat no matter who the supplier is tado will support me (at least while there under warranty)



  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    If the product was never used before (and under warranty), we can indeed offer support.

    If you for example buy used products from ebay which don't work, we might refer you back to the seller.

    Kind regards,


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