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Could someone please explain how the zones work. We have three thermostats allocated to one zone, master bed, en-suite and bed 2. The master bed was showing in tado at 18 degrees this am, however when I checked with another thermometer it was only showing at 15. I checked in bed two and this was indeed at 18. How do the zones work? As soon as one thermostat in the zone hits the required temperature does it stop heating? This is obviously not ideal. TIA


  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    You're telling you got the three rooms in 1 zone?

    This is not the good configuration. What you would like to have is three different zones:

    Just remove 2 SRTs, add them again to your account and create 2 extra zones/room in your tado° account (so you get 3 in total).

    Kind regards,


  • I thought there was a maximum of 8 zones allowed, which is what we have set and we have c16 reds assigned to those zones. Am I incorrect with this information? Thx
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