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Heating Will not turn off

I have 2 zone heating in my house. in zone 2 i have replaced a Danfoss TPone-B with the Tado Wall Thermostat. I wired it in a few days ago to ensure it was working correctly and it was. I left the backing plate of the danfoss in place for a day or so to make sure everything was ok. Yesterday i removed the backing plate, and had to unto the wiring going to the Tado first. Once i fixed everything in place for Tado and put the stat on the wall we turned the heating on...but it will not turn off unless i remove it from the backing plate. Have i inadvertinly changed a setting? What setting should be selected on the install menue for a Logic H24 boiler? R01?

I'm not sure if the lack of remote control is the issue but i had remote control the first few days and everything seemed to be fine.

I also have an additional stat and extension kit to be wired in downstairs for zone 1 and water control. That will be connected over the next few days.

Any assistance on getting remote control back up and running and making my heating turn off as normal would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Andrew_RAndrew_R
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    I think part of the problem for me was that i had the extension kit part installed in the tado app but not wired up so it was confusing the system somehow and telling my stat to keep the heating on. Once i connected the extension kit up everything went back to normal. very odd and I wasnt expecting it to do that, if that was indeed the cause.

    Problem solved for now though at least :)


  • I have had a very similar experience. All working fine for 2 -3 weeks and then noticed last night 2hrs after the thermostat changing settings from 21 to 17deg that my boiler was still running. I manually turned the stat down but this did not turn off the boiler. When I turned the stat down to off the boiler turned off, when I increased the temp to 5deg the boiler came back on even though the room was at 21 deg. I removed the front plate and the batteries for ten mins and put it back on. Still at 5deg the boiler came back on again.

    I had another go this morning and the stat seamed to control the boiler again.

    Really not sure if I have seen the end of this. But it appears to be working again now.

    I am going to keep an eye on it but have lost a little confidence in it at the moment. it couldn't be more basic, Bridge, Stat, Boiler.

  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    Please contact tado° support for this:

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