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Tado loses cloud connection after internet dropout and starts heating


I have noticed if my internet connection drops out momentarily my tado internet bridge does not reconnect and the cloud light flashes. When I then consult the app all the icons show remote connection not possible. I also noticed today that the heating fired up even though it was not supposed to be on. It appears in this situation the valves go into some sort of default mode and turn the heating on.

I've had this happen an number of times and the only solution is to power off/on the internet bridge, it then reconnects and the app comes back to life after a few minutes and the valves switch off.

Needless to say it makes the whole TADO system pointless and of questionable quality.

I noticed the drop today as my VOIP phone lit up as it does when it loses it connection and then reconnected itself.

So there are 2 issues:-

  1. The tado internet bridge does not correctly deal with a momentary loss of internet connection
  2. The valves switch on the heating when they should not.

Hope you can solve these issues as I'm loving tado apart from that.

Happy to help with debugging/testing if required.



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  • The heating kicking in upon disconnection is a normal feature of Tado for winter. You will have to speak to support to change this on your account.
  • I contacted support and have now allocated a fixed NAT address to the internet bridge which so far seems to have resolved the connection issue and it appears it is now reestablished once the internet reappears. Will see how it goes. Would be good to suggest this in the documentation with the bridge - perhaps I missed it.

    It appears when the internet connection is lost, the thermostats return to their last heating status, so even if the room is currently set to heat to 18 degrees and they were off, if the last period setting was 20 degrees they demand heat to 20 degrees.

    The boiler then kicks in until the temperature is reached or the internet reappears and the bridge sorts itself out which can take quite a few minutes, this can be seen by checking the app, some thermostats show up, others have not remote access for a while.

    Would be good to be able to configure 'internet failure mode' via the app. In this instance I would like it to continue doing what it was doing unless I go to the thermostat and manually override.

  • zikiziki ✭✭
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    It would be good if valves/thermostats could follow the program even without internet connection!

    Netatmo does it https://helpcenter.netatmo.com/en-us/smart-thermostat/connection-wi-fi-radio/will-my-products-still-work-if-my-internet-wi-fi-goes-down-or-if-there-is-a-power-cut

    Tado engineers were not able to made a chilld lock for valves in 4 years...let alone the offline program feature...ridicolous...

  • I have the same issue! It is 24 degrees celsius in my house at the moment. This is the second time this is happening to my Tado system.

  • The tado cloud connector gets upset if your internet connection drops/router reboots. It doesn't seem to correctly handle this when working on a dynamic NAT address.

    The issue was solved for me by assigning it a fixed ip address in the NAT pool rather than allowing the router to assign it one dynamically so it always gets the same address and will continue working even if the router is rebooted. Suggest you do that and then power off the cloud adapter and put it back on.

  • It'll still go 'wrong' however if I lose internet connectivity but I can live with that at is rarely happens.

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